The Top 10: Live During Lockdown

Our top 10 best things born out of lockdown to check out:

The world’s normal life has been flipped upside down over the last few months, but the online world continued to come alive and is thrive more than ever. A chef has became the nation’s PE teacher for kids, Grandparents mastered WhatsApp and FaceTime and the creative community rose to the challenge of keeping us all entertained.

Whilst things start to slowly turn back to normal, we hope this page can introduce you to some of the wonderful things that the world had to offer during these strange and unprecedented times.

1. Stay Homas

Whilst it was and still is an extremely tough time for musicians, one group of roommates in Barcelona saw the silver lining in lockdown and turned it into one long jam session.

Stay Homas (Klaus Stroink, Guillem Bolt and Rai Benet) are three professional musicians who banded together to release a new song over everyday of their lockdown.

2. The Isolation Journals

American singer/songwriter Maggie Rogers teamed up with a number of her peers to launch “The Isolation Journals”, which was created to assist people worldwide in remaining creative throughout the crisis.

By signing up to the page, you’ll receive 30 days of writing prompts delivered to your inbox every morning from artists, musicians and writers such as Elizabeth Gilbert, Maggie Rogers, Kiese Laymon and Nora McInerny and more.

Their ethos is simple: Do one creative act each day!

3. Yoga with Kassandra

A Yoga Instructor who was and is still on a mission to help others feel great, Kassandra taught a number of people globally how to manage stress and anxiety through a tough time.

Her YouTube channel was the creator of the Morning Yoga Movement, where she would introduce the power of Yin Yoga in to people’s lives for only 10 minutes a day – it’s still not too late to join…

4. Elevenses with David Walliams

‘Elevenses’ is most commonly known as a short mid-morning break to grab a tea or coffee but after schools closed their doors, David Walliams changed the meaning of the phrase.

Over lockdown, the award winning children’s author has been releasing an audio story every day from his World’s Worse Children collection, encouraging children and adults alike to take a break and zone out from the world.

And yes, he does all the voices!

5. School of SOS

School of SOS is a dance studio founded by professional backing dancer Bonnie Lister Parsons and, throughout lockdown, went on a mission to raise spirits and empower the nation to believe in themselves through the power of dance.

As they had to temporarily pause the in-person classes, they went viral running a daily timetable of Instagram Live classes taught by their highly qualified team.

6. Thekla Isolation Discs

The beloved Bristol venue Thekla, like most venues, had to shut their doors to gigging and amazing club nights due to the pandemic.

However, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, a brilliant new podcast was born to help alleviate the boredom and keep listeners entertained during this new era of self-isolation and social distancing.

Featuring hometown legends such as Dev from IDLES and world renowned artists like Hollie Cook, host Chris Arnold would find out what all of these artist have been jamming out to over the challenging period.

7. Andrea Bocelli’s Music For Hope

Aired over Easter Sunday, Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli put on a mesmerising live concert from the deserted Duomo di Milano which he called “Music For Hope” and broke countless world records.

With a combined 35 million people viewing the 30-minute concert and reaching over 2.8 million concurrent viewers, the historic solo performance was intended to represent a message of love, healing and hope for one and all affected by these strange times.

8. Wok From Home

With all dining restaurants having to close their doors over lockdown, an opportunity presented itself to the people of the world to harness their cooking skills and fill the comforting void they were missing so much from their favourite eatery.

Wagamama’s own Executive chef, Steve Mangleshot, led a new series called ‘Wok from Home’ which aimed to help viewers recreate some of their staple dishes, all whilst encouraging them to fall in love with cooking.

9. Josh Pieters & Archie Manning

Josh Pieters is a South African YouTuber who isn’t afraid to put the weird and wacky to the test, and with the help of his friend Archie Manners tried just that.

In a three part series, the pair wanted to know whether they could trick celebrities into thinking they were being interviewed on real late night TV shows by using a Zoom call, some sound bites from James Corden and Jimmy Fallon.

Spoiler alert: see Craig David performing from his bedroom, Love Island stars Molly Mae and Tommy Fury talking about the struggles of lockdown and even Carole Baskin giving her first official interview since the release of Tiger King.

10. DMA’S – Praise You (Phone Cover)

And finally, the video we think wraps up this post the best.

“We’ve come a long, long way together,
Through the hard times and the good.
I have to, celebrate you baby,
I have to praise you like I should”

Tommy O’Dell is backed up by his Aussie colleagues in bringing us one of the greatest covers lockdown had to offer.