Our story

As experienced professionals from the technology, advertising and clothing industries, we’ve applied our skills to develop clever solutions that help our clients deliver experiences and products fans crave.

We’ve been achieving world firsts since 1995

Trailblazers… innovators

We’ve earned gold discs, made Vogue’s Cool List, imported Vans and Stüssy before anyone had heard of them, carried out the world’s first live webcast, sold the first band T-shirt using the NatWest online clearing system, and even managed the integration of back-end systems for two high street banks.

We formed Push Entertainment in 2005, fresh from stints in Silicon Valley and the UK digital media industry, working for companies that include Accenture, Havas, Computacenter, Route One, IBM, and Intertrust.

With over 20 years of experience, we know how to innovate – and we understand the challenges you face

Push's first decade

It was while working in Silicon Valley that Simon collaborated with Daft Punk on the concept and art direction for their Discovery album. The album included a personalised card that allowed the purchaser access to the ‘Daft Club’ a ‘continuous content experience’ that was delivered to fans over the internet.

Meanwhile, having witnessed the growth of the band’s fan base to 600,000 members in just three months, Lawrence and Ian were inspired. They decided to work together to devise technology that allowed any record company to use any CD to give consumers access to exclusive content in exchange for their personal details: rewarding fans for their loyalty, while increasing their own database.

This piece of technology, known as digitalInsert, led to the birth of Push Entertainment – and with it, we became experts in how to engage with consumers and turn casual fans into loyal buyers.

We spent our first decade layering services over this core principle – developing innovative and creative ways to help our clients make money from their fans, while treating those fans the way they’d want to be treated themselves.

Household presence… not a household name

We’ve issued just one press release since 2005 – announcing HBO’s decision to select our manufacturing on demand service to power their European stores – so you may not have heard of us, but we’re probably already in your home.

Our consumer engagement technology was incorporated into over 40% of UK CDs between 2006 and 2012, and our MP3 download service is used by all the major record labels. That’s a lot of technology and a lot of customer care.

Today, we support over 2,000 websites and online stores for our clients, and supply over 200,000 garments each year manufactured on demand and shipped globally from our network of factories, capturing over 2.2 million consumer records along the way.