RDS MySQL Connection Limits by AWS Instance Type

The RDS Connection Calculation Problem When using Amazon Web Services’ RDS MySQL service on the back end of clusters of web servers, one resource constraint that can occur in times of heavy load is database connection starvation. Planning capacity in the RDS MySQL layer often comes down to ensuring enough connections are available; avoiding queuing on […]


WordPress Security Hardening – without throwing away the baby with the bathwater

If, like us, you manage WordPress installs where many thousands of users with high level permissions (super-admins, admins, editors) can login to the backend you will want to consider hardening security on the wp-admin side. However there is a delicate balance to be hit if you wish to avoid frustrating your users and increasing support […]


Speed your Filesystem with naotime option

Every bit of performance Push Entertainment can get out of a Magento or WordPress installation makes for a better user experience. Thats why we delve into the details… By default, Linux records information about when files were created and last modified as well as when it was last accessed. There is a cost associated with recording […]


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