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UMG Live WordPress Plug-in

EASILY ADD TOUR DATES TO YOUR WEBSITE AND IMPROVE SEO Harness Google’s “Upcoming Events” Panel / Display Tour Dates On Site With Ease   FEATURES AND BENEFITS This plugin allows the easy integration of an artists tour dates into your WordPress site. It is also optimised to generate the code required by Google to add your […]

Bash Vulnerability Patched

As you may be aware, (http://goo.gl/P9h3zy) a security vulnerability has been exposed in the Bash Shell (used on Linux servers). The exploit, in certain circumstances, can allow for remote code execution. Exposure on UMG’s US and UK WordPress platforms is limited by a number of Enterprise security measures. Nevertheless, Push/UMGWS have worked to apply the […]

Speed your Filesystem with naotime option

Every bit of performance Push Entertainment can get out of a Magento or WordPress installation makes for a better user experience. Thats why we delve into the details… By default, Linux records information about when files were created and last modified as well as when it was last accessed. There is a cost associated with recording […]

Optimising Magento Image Cache with Progressive JPEGs

Since June 2013 Webpagetest.org have been checking every JPEG loaded from your to see if it is progressive and it will be exposing an overall grade for progressive JPEGs: You can read the full article here: As you can see from the original analysis its a good user-experience enhancement and if you are obsessed with high […]